HIS is represented on a number of national and international committees and other forums. The following is a list of the current HIS members and their involvement of these groups.


Royal College of Pathologists: Infection Training Speciality Advisory Committee                       Peter Wilson

Royal College of Pathologists: Medical Microbiology Speciality Advisory Committee                 Peter Wilson

European Network to Promote Infection Prevention for Patient Safety (EUNETIPS)                  Martin Kiernan

Infection Prevention Society: Research and Development Group                                               Chris Settle

Professional Expert Communication Forum: Decontamination of Medical Devices                    Tina Bradley

Public Health England: Standards for Microbiology Investigation Steering Group                      Chris Settle

Sepsis Trust Steering Group                                                                                                        Simon Goldenberg

Department of Health: Human Health Stakeholder Group                                                           Peter Wilson

NHS Improvement: National Standards of Cleanliness                                                                Chris Settle

Standards for Microbiology Investigation Steering Group                                                            Chris Settle

European Committee in Infection Prevention and Control (EUCIC)                                             Kay Miller   

Public Health England and NHS Improvement: IPC Manual                                                        William Newsholme


If you would like to comment regarding the activities of these committees and forums, please email