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May 2018

The May issue features a large special section on Infection Surveillance and Surgical Site Infections. Some of the papers report encouraging signs from around the world that we are continuing to make progress in preventing healthcare-associated infections, especially in intensive care unit settings. However, antimicrobial-resistant pathogens are a growing problem, and may be associated with poorer outcomes. papers by Gomila et al. and Ohna et al. are a reminder that SSI after colorectal surgery are a significant problem. The growing challenges presented by SSIs may justify better surveillance - the systematic review of HCAI software by Russo et al. suggests that this can be done without a big impact on staff time.

Editor's choice article

Russo et al. Impact of electronic healthcare-associated infection surveillance software on infection prevention resources: a systematic review of the literature.

A systematic review of the impact of electronic healthcare-associated infection surveillance software indicates that it can reduce staff time to undertake surveillance by around 75%.