In the 1980s a group of consultant medical microbiologists met to form a society that would foster the scientific interests of those hospital doctors who were interested in nosocomial or hospital acquired infections.
The Society moved into permanent premises at 162 King’s Cross Road London in July 2002 and Professor Sir Liam Donaldson officially opened the headquarters in March 2003.

On 30th April 2002 an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society was held to vote on a new constitution, the first time major changes have been made since its inception.  There is now a reduced membership fee for trainees and an associate membership category (without voting rights) open to all interested parties. The Charity Commissioners were consulted on the proposed changes and approved the new Constitution. A further amendment to the Objectives of the Society was voted on and adopted unanimously at the AGM in September 2012.

The previous HIS Officers can be seen on this link (https://www.his.org.uk/about-his/council/) and council elections are held annually.

The HIS conference was traditionally held every 4 years but in 2010 Council agreed that there was sufficient demand for a bi-annual event.  This event has developed into a multi stream event with a large number of papers and posters presented.  For more information visit (https://www.his.org.uk/conference-events/current-conference/)

Our identity


The above HIS visual identity served the Society very well for many years, and had changed little over time.  In February 2017, HIS Council agreed that it was time for change, and that it was important our visual identity and messaging would reflect the Society going forward. It was agreed the Society should ‘look and feel’ contemporary and relevant, with a new brand and messaging that is easily understood. 

Following a member consultation in December 2017, we were assured that HIS is viewed externally as being formed of a body of members that are viewed as ‘experts in the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections’, and that HIS activities are viewed as ‘preventing healthcare-associated infections by sharing research, evidence and best practice’. 

These statements now underpin our future messaging and activities.  We hope our new brand will help HIS to take a leap forward, take our current members with us, and attract the next generation of infection control specialists.

We are delighted with our new identity, and that of the Journal of Hospital Infection (JHI), which has also changed ensuring that the JHI has its own visual presence that stands alone, but integrates seamlessly with the Society.

Our new brand launched on 20 April 2018.