Infection Prevention in Conversation is the new podcast from the HIS journals

Infection Prevention in Conversation is the podcast of the HIS journals, the Journal of Hospital Infection (JHI) and Infection Prevention in Practice (IPIP).

In an informal setting, Dr Gemma Winzor talks to expert guests about current research, challenges and opinions in infection prevention and control (IPC). An engaging listen for infection control specialists, healthcare professionals or anybody with an interest in infection control, microbiology, epidemiology or healthcare more broadly.

The podcast covers a wide variety of subjects in infection control, allowing the stories behind recent research to come to the front as guests discuss their personal experiences, careers and interests in IPC.

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Episode 3: Something in the water

'Something in the water' is the latest podcast from the Healthcare Infection Society journals.

Gemma Winzor (University Hospitals Birmingham; Editor in Chief Infection Prevention in Practice) is joined by two fantastic guests: Mike Weinbren (NHS England and NHS improvement) and Teresa Inkster, (NHS greater Glasgow and Clyde, NHS Assure, and HCAI Scotland). 

The trio talk about the problems encountered in new-build healthcare facilities, training sub-specialties, and the infection prevention and control risks of water and waste water drains on augmented care - an area many find a bit daunting as it does not come up that often in day-to-day life as an infection control practitioner. 

Twitter: @jhieditor @IPIP_open

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Episode 2: pick of the papers

For the second episode of Infection Prevention in Conversation, Gemma Winzor is joined by the editors of the Journal of Hospital Infection, Jim Gray (Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital) and Nik Mahida (Nottingham University Hospitals).

The group discuss five papers, linked via their titles below, and share their thoughts on how to work - and have difficult conversations with - colleagues from a range of departments, what we take for granted in infection control, and how the pandemic has brought IPC into focus worldwide.

Twitter: @jhieditor @IPIP_open

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Episode 1: MRSA Guidelines: new evidence against an old adversary

With 'MRSA Guidelines: new evidence against an old adversary', we kick off our first mini-series of podcasts from the Healthcare Infection Society journals.

Gemma is joined by three experts within the field of MRSA and infection prevention more broadly, Hilary Humphreys (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), Jennie Wilson (University of West London) and Lisa Butcher (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts), to discuss the recently published joint Healthcare Infection Society and Infection Prevention Society MRSA Guidelines. The group talk decolonisation, future research directions and dirty mops.

Listen to the first episode here, or search for Infection Prevention in Conversation on your usual podcast player. For more information on how to listen, read our information page here

Episode links

  • Joint Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) and Infection Prevention Society (IPS) guidelines for the prevention and control of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in healthcare facilities: read it for free here
  • Further resources for managing MRSA from HIS here
  • Watch our MRSA webinar series here