The Journal of Hospital Infection is the official scientific journal of the Healthcare Infection Society

The JHI seeks to promote collaboration between the many disciplines in infection prevention and control in different countries, resulting in multidisciplinary and international coverage of the latest developments. The Editor-in-Chief invites submissions of original papers, leading articles and correspondence in English, on all aspects of healthcare-associated infection as well as reviews on subjects of current interest.

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Latest Issue
Latest Issue
This month the JHI features papers on a wide range of subjects. there are collections of papers on ICU-related infections and on influenza. The former includes papers addressing the importance of developing infection control bundles for prevention of ICU-related infections in low-to-middle income countries, and an interesting paper by Messler et al, suggesting that skin washes with octenidine may be useful in preventing acquisition of VRE on ICUs. Amongst the general papers there are two papers describing the use of WGS in investigating outbreaks of infection, papers on surgical site infections, and an interesting article on healthcare-associated mucormycosis that shows the high costs and increased length of stay that are associated with these infections.