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Latest Issue
Latest Issue
The May issue is mainly given over to the continuing challenges posed by Gram-negative bacteria in healthcare settings, and there is a series of really interesting papers to read. In their paper, Lynch and Schaffer report variability in implementation of guidelines for the control of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria across Ireland, and also highlight the variability in international guidelines. A systematic review of clinical prediction models for ESBL-Enterobacteriaceae colonization or infection identified 15 different risk factors, but concluded that the heterogeneity between studies meant that a generalizable model could not be proposed. There are several papers on the risks arising from sink design and slow drainage, but with encouraging reports by Garvey et al and Smolders et al of measures to control these problems. The tale of an Acinetobacter outbreak in a burns unit by Teare et al is also highly recommended as an interesting read. Amongst other papers in the issue, a report of activity of octenidine dihydrochloride and ultraviolet-C light against Candida auris is timely, given recent press interest in this pathogen in the UK.