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The JHI seeks to promote collaboration between the many disciplines in infection prevention and control in different countries, resulting in multidisciplinary and international coverage of the latest developments. The Editor-in-Chief invites submissions of original papers, leading articles and correspondence in English, on all aspects of healthcare-associated infection as well as reviews on subjects of current interest.

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Latest Issue
July 2021
In the July issue of the JHI, we publish original research into the potential sources of operating room air contamination (Brock-Utne et al.), the effect of intestinal microbiota dysbiosis on growth and detection of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales within an in vitro gut model, and how universal admission screening could be a potential game-changer in high MRSA prevalence hospitals (Harris et al.). Knudsen et al. survey how laminar airflow decreases microbial air contamination compared with turbulent ventilated operating theatres, and Gall et al. present a study pilot into near-field airborne particle concentrations in young children undergoing high-flow nasal cannula therapy. Reviews this month include work on eHealth for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections (Bentvelson et al.) and how ventilation design conditions associated with airborne bacteria levels within the wound area during surgical procedures (Aganovic et al).