HIS provides a range of funding to talented individuals in the scientific and medical community who share the Society's vision of a world in which healthcare-associated infections have been reduced to negligible levels.

Please note:  HIS is currently in the process of revising its Grants Portfolio, Terms and Conditions and application forms.  Updated application forms and terms and conditions will be available from mid-December. The terms and conditions below are available for exisitng grant holders and applicants (prior to September 2017).

The Graham Ayliffe Fellowship Award– up to £63,000

To enable trainees and nurses currently working in the field of infection prevention and control to take a one year paid leave of absence to pursue their specialist area by broadening their knowledge base and imparting that knowledge to the wider scientific community.  

Closing date for applications is 1 March each year

Major Research Grant - up to £33,000 per year

HIS is calling for applications in a specified research area.  Further details can be found on the Major Grants page.

Suitable to support a PhD studentship, MD or other research worker and related consumables/equipment.
  • Grants for longer than one year will be subject to satisfactory annual reports
  • Closing date for applications: 31 July each year

Small Research Grants

  • Suitable to support small-scale research projects, or possibly the costs associated with the visit of an overseas research fellow.
  • Small grants are normally non-recurring.
  • Closing dates for applications: 1 February and 31 July each year.

The Mike Emmerson Young Investigator Award

  • The award has been established for trainees who are medical graduates, nurses, clinical scientists or bio-medical scientists
  • The criteria for this award include scientific merit, the stage of the career of the applicant and whether the individual is likely to receive funding from other sources
  • The grants will be available for sum up to £10,000
  • Closing date for applications: 1 February each year

Travel Grants

Please note only HIS Members are eligible to apply for Travel Grants or Trainee Travel Bursaries.

  • Travel Grants are awarded at the discretion of HIS
  • They are primarily intended to enable trainees and junior members of staff to attend meetings of educational benefit
  • They are generally awarded to individuals who have abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation
  • The size of the grant awarded will not normally exceed £750. The awards are intended to cover travel, accommodation, subsistence expenses and registration fees
  • Travel Grant applications may be submitted at any time

Application Guidance

For further information on HIS Grants and Awards, please see the following Guidance document with information on how to apply:-

HIS Grants and Awards SOP