Foundation Certificate in IPC

Our Foundation Certificate in IPC recognises Trainee members new consultants who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to their professional development in IPC. 

We run a structured Trainee Education Programme specifically for medical microbiology, medical virology and infectious diseases trainees which is aligned to the RCPath curricula.  The programme comprises a series of three one-day training sessions per year (in February, July and October), over a three-year period.  In collaboration with PHE, Colindale, we also run the Foundation Course on Healthcare Infection Control, a four-day non-residential course held annually in January. The Foundation Course offers the opportunity for attendees to learn from the leading UK experts and speakers in the field. 

To qualify for the certificate, attendance at 7 (distinct) of the 9 Trainee Education Days in the rolling programme and completion of the Foundation Course on Healthcare Infection Control is required. These may be completed either as a Trainee Member or as a Full Member up to 18 months after the CCT date.


How to apply

To apply for the certificate, HIS Trainee members or Full members up to 18 months after the CCT date must submit the following to by email:

 Certificates of Attendance for 7 distinct Trainee Education Days plus the Foundation Course in Healthcare Infection Control

 A 500-word reflection per event describing the application of each Trainee Education Day to their own practice

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.


The certification period is open to HIS Trainee members and new consultants (registered as HIS Full Members) up to 18 months after the CCT date. Trainee Education Days remain free to attend for new consultants up to 18 months after the CCT date.

The Award

Applicants will be notified if they have been successful in achieving the Foundation Certificate in Infection Prevention and Control within 4 weeks of submitting their application. 

Formal presentations of the certificates will be made annually as part of a special award ceremony at the Lowbury Lunch in November or December.