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We work in collaboration with experts and other societies to produce evidence-based guidelines following our NICE accredited methodology, and practical guidance following expert consensus.

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*current < 3 years old; # some recommendations may be out of date 3-7 years old; ! use with caution >7 years old; ¤ withdrawn or superseded (over 10 years old); Ω update in preparation

  • 2018

    The use of faecal microbiota transplant as treatment for recurrent or refractory Clostridium difficile infection and other potential indications: joint BSG and HIS guidelines [2018]*  

    Supplementary materials, Appendix 1-4 and Appendix A-E

    * Current NICE accredited guideline

  • 2018

    Guidance for the decontamination of intracavity medical devices: The report of a HIS working group [2018] (An update)

    Current expert guidance

    This updated guidance on the decontamination of intravcavitiy medical devices from the expert working party.

  • 2018

    Treatment of infections caused by multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria: report of BSAC/HIS/BIA Joint Working Party [2018]*                                        

    * Current NICE accredited guideline

    NICE accredited guideline for the treatment of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria.   Appendices 1-7

  • 2017

    Surveillance of infection associated with external ventricular drains: proposed methodology and results from a pilot study [2017]*

    * Current expert methodology

    A multi-disciplinary working group was established to agree definitions for EVD-associated meningitis/ventriculitis, and a surveillance system was piloted in four centres in the UK and Ireland.

  • 2016

    Decontamination of breast pump milk collection kits and related items at home and in hospital: guidance from a Joint Working Group of HIS and IPS [2016] *

    * Current expert guidance

    Describing best practice guidance for decontamination of breast pump milk collection kits and related items in hospital and at home.

  • 2016

    Prevention and control of multi-drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria: recommendations from a Joint Working Party [2016]*  

    * Current NICE accredited guideline

    Evidence-based recommendations produced using NICE accredited methodology by experts from HIS, BIA and BSAC.   Supplementary materials: Appendix 5-7 and Appendix A-E

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