HIS Guidelines

Guidelines produced by HIS working parties and in collaboration with other professional organisations.


Guidelines for the facilities required for minor surgical procedures and minimal access interventions, 2012 – review conclusion.   

The literature and evidence base underpinning these guidelines was reviewed in 2016 to determine if the guidelines, published in 2012, needed to be revised or updated.  However, since being published there has been no additional significant evidence relating to measures or facilities to prevent infection arising from minor surgery or minimal access interventions.  Consequently, the advice and recommendations in this document still stand and are current.  The literature will again be reviewed in 2019 to determine if these guidelines need to be revised and updated.

Current Guidelines

PDF iconDecontamination of breast pump milk collection kits and related items at home and in hospital: guidance from a Joint Working Group of the Healthcare Infection Society and Infection Prevention Society [2016]

PDF iconPrevention and control of multi-drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria: recommendations from a Joint Working Party [2016]

PDF iconDevelopment of a sporicidal test method for Clostridium difficile [HIS, 2015]

PDF iconepic3: National Evidence-Based Guidelines for Preventing HCAI in NHS Hospitals in England [2014]

PDF iconGuidance on the use of respiratory and facial protection equipment [2013, 782KB PDF]

PDF iconGuidelines on the facilities required for minor surgical procedures and minimal access interventions [2012, 153KB, PDF]

PDF iconGuidelines for prevention and control of group A streptococcal infection in acute healthcare and maternity settings in the UK [2012, 1.4 MB, PDF]

PDF iconGuidelines for the management of norovirus outbreaks in acute and community health and social care settings [2012]

PDF iconGuidelines for the control and prevention of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in healthcare facilities* [HIS, 2006] 

PDF iconGuidelines for the control of glycopeptide-resistant enterococci in hospitals [HIS, 2006] 


PDF iconNational Glycopeptide-Resistant Enterococcal Bacteraemia Surveillance Working Group Report to the Department of Health — March 2006 [HIS, 2006] 

PDF iconNational Clostridium difficile Standards Group: Report to the Department of Health [HIS, 2004, 459KB, PDF] 

PDF iconBehaviours and rituals in the operating theatre [HIS, 2002] 

PDF iconMicrobiological commissioning and monitoring of operating theatre suites [HIS, 2002] 


PDF icon

Rinse water for heat labile endoscopy equipment [HIS, May 2002]