DIPC network and development programme

The next DIPC development day will take place in December 2023 and details will be available here shortly.

Directors of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPCs) are required by all registered NHS care providers under current legislation.
DIPCs (or those who take on the role) have authority and responsibility for ensuring strategies are implemented to prevent avoidable healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) at all levels in their organisation. The professional background of DIPCs is varied, and they may be consultants, nurses, clinical scientists or from other backgrounds. 

In 2017, we launched a structured network and development programme specifically for current or aspiring DIPCs and Deputy DIPCs, or those in a similar role, irrespective of professional background. Our DIPC network and development programme offers RCPath CPD accredited one-day events that provide information, guidance and training around HCAIs and a chance to network with key IPC professionals. The programme comprises of a series of two, independent, one-day events per year over a three-year period, with topics reflecting the current challenges faced by those working in a DIPC role. 

View the three-year programme

Each event include speaker presentations, discussion sessions and a networking opportunity in order to:

  • Allow the sharing of experience and knowledge
  • Act as a forum for bringing together DIPCs who are both microbiologists and non-microbiologists
  • Facilitate future research and collaboration
  • Narrow the knowledge gap for those with differing clinical background