HIS is represented on national and international committees and other forums. The following is a list of the current HIS members and their involvement in these groups.

Committee | Group | Forum

HIS Representative


International Federation of Infection Control  Elisabeth Ridgway
Royal College of Pathologists: Combined Infection Training Speciality Advisory Committee Training Programme Directors
Royal College of Pathologists: Medical Microbiology & Medical Virology Specialty Advisory Committee Gayti Morris
European Network to Promote Infection Prevention for Patient Safety (EUNETIPS) TBA
Infection Prevention Society: Research and Development Group Chris Settle

Professional Expert Communication Forum: Decontamination of Medical Devices 

Mark Garvey

Public Health England: Standards for Microbiology Investigation Steering Group 

Chris Settle
NHS Improvement: National Standards of Cleanliness  Chris Settle
European Committee in Infection Prevention and Control (EUCIC)  Kay Miller 
BSI Committee on CH/216 Chemical Disinfectants and Antiseptics  Karren Staniforth 
TAILOR Horizon 2020 project Elisabeth Ridgway
BSI Committee on EH/3/4 - Microbiological Methods and Water Mike Weinbren
Trainee Association of ESCMID (TAE)  Jennifer Walsh
Royal College of Pathologists COVID Advisory Group

Chris Settle

AMoRC Clinical Reference Group Lucia Pareja-Cebrian
NHSE & NHSI collaborative working group on PPE Manjula Meda
NQAAP for Medical Microbiology James Price
NHSE/I IPC Education Framework  Eimear Brannigan


If you would like to comment regarding the activities of these committees and forums, please email